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Smart Maintenance Management
KIAMI's Smart CMMS/ EAM cloud-based software will help you to provide best-in-class maintenance management of your manufacturing equipment, systems, and asset.

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CMMS/ EAM Maintenance Management

Model your manufacturing floor layout

including your production lines, equipment, systems and infrastructure units


Preventive maintenance

Schedule periodic and non-periodic maintenance tasks and monitor progress vs plan


Equipment/ asset management

Create and track your manufacturing equipment / assets and assign spare parts


Inventory management

Setup sites, zones and inventory locations to manage your parts, materials and tooling


Spare-parts, materials and tooling

Create and track your parts, materials and tooling for your equipment maintenance


Maintenance analytics

Real-time analytics to detect process deterioration and predict failures


KIAMI's CMMS / EAM cloud-based software can be integrated with KIAMI's Smart Troubleshooting to provide a very powerful maintenance management suite, that applies maintenance management best-practices with top-class troubleshooting capabilities, process control and predictive maintenance analytics


Super-friendly user interface makes the difference


A very smooth, efficient and elegant user interface requires almost zero effort from the users, while defining a new equipment, spare-part or performing preventing maintenance tasks. The user experience was optimized for tablets or mobile devices, enabling simple interaction on the manufacturing floor. 

The user can go over the dynamic checklist that was defined for preventive maintenance and reports the results on his tablet. Any relevant documentation such as an electrical schema, diagrams, images, videos and standard operating procedure can be opened with one click.

The user can take a photo or video of the required element and open an incident or additional maintenance task if required.


"The sure way to increase productivity is to better administrate man and machine." 
W. Edwards Deming

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