KIAMI's Smart Troubleshooting provides one centralized troubleshooting repository for the various systems, equipment, processes and products of the company


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Well, the benefits are clear but what about the implementation?


Some companies are concerned about the amount of work they need to invest in order to build the knowledge-base.


We took this concern very seriously and developed automated tools and a super-friendly user interface, that facilitates system configuration and troubleshooting knowledge-base preparation. It takes only a fraction of the time compared to other solutions.


You can subscribe, and start configuring you’re manufacturing operations and organization structure immediately. It takes less than a few hours to configure a basic operation structure and start working with the system.


Working with KIAMI's troubleshooting system during the on-going operation is very smooth and efficient and requires almost zero effort from users. Adding that to the rich information the system provides, we found many engineering, maintenance and operation teams enthusiastic to work with the system, sometimes motivate their managers to expand it use to more processes and teams.

KIAMI's Smart Troubleshooting enables to preserve and share one of the most important organization's assets – employees' knowledge. This is a major step towards operational excellence

"If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes defining it, and 5 minutes solving it" ,      Albert Einstein

Smart Troubleshooting for Manufacturing Teams

Provide much faster repair process while cutting manufacturing down times and improving knowledge sharing across teams and sites

Smart Troubleshooting Benefits

Cut-down failures repair time and down-times

In some cases cutting repair times from hours to minutes

Reduce new workers’ learning curve

and minimize losses due to experienced workers’ departure

Improve manufacturing efficiency and quality

while reducing rework, materials waste and manufacturing delays

Empower operation teams

 to repair failures 

that could previously only be repaired by maintenance, engineering, IT support teams

Troubleshooting knowledge collaboration

cross teams and sites and spread best-practices 

Shortened ramp-up and lower risks

while introducing of new processes, equipment, systems and products

How it Works ?

Cloud-based system, can be accessed from any where

using tablet, mobile device, laptop or desktop

Any relevant documentation

can be opened in one click

such as an electrical diagram, images, videos, SOP's, or any other documentation

The system scans the knowledge base for similar failures

and generates repair recommendations. There is no need to "invent the wheel"

Expert wizard for quick resolution of complex failures

decision trees can simplify the diagnostics process in more complex failures

Automatic repair optimization

by a learning algorithm

to minimize repair time and improve repair quality

Effective process control and predictive maintenance 

detect equipment deterioration, process and product weaknesses and other anomalies

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