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Digital Factory

Build an interactive digital twin of your factory equipment layout in minutes, and create layers of manufacturing knowledge, maintenance protocols, troubleshooting guides, and digital procedures.

This powerful tool provides you with an interactive and informative visualization of your factory's operational infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across your manufacturing processes.

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Quickly assess the operational condition of your equipment, (active or unplanned downtime)

Knowledge center where
you can review technical and operational documents, including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and instructional videos

Digital step-by-step procedures guides
for tasks like setup, machine calibration and product RCA

Review or modify the troubleshooting knowledge base, expert wizard, and diagnostic bot.

Opening incidents/tickets to report on equipment

Review equipment history, including incidents, work orders and parts usage


Knowledge Preservation
Retain the expertise, experience, and know-how of your skilled workforce in their day-to-day activities, mitigating potential risks associated with employee turnover or retirement.

Knowledge Sharing
Effectively collaborate best practices among your operational, engineering, and technical support teams, as well as across the various manufacturing sites within your company.

New workers' onboarding
Facilitate a swift learning process for new operational and technical staff, while simultaneously preventing any inconveniences caused by knowledge gaps.

Digital Guided Procedures

Develop detailed, step-by-step procedures for a range of manufacturing processes, including production setup, machine calibration, quality inspection, failures' root-cause-analysis and training guides.

Key benefits:

  • Enhance manufacturing efficiency while minimizing human errors

  • Facilitate seamless onboarding and training for new workers

  • Optimize process workflows for improved efficiency

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Digital Procedure Example


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Digital procedures

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