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AI-powered Maintenance Management
and Technical Support (CMMS/ EAM)

Kiami offers unique functionalities, including AI-driven troubleshooting, a digital factory, and cross-site knowledge management, which lead to fast failure resolution and effective collaboration among teams and across sites, up to a 70% reduction in downtimes and cost savings, accelerating the learning curve for new workers and enhancing teams' productivity.

Mobile incidents/ service calls

Simplify the process of reporting equipment failures and managing incidents/tickets using your mobile phone.
Some of the key features:

  • Scan QR codes

  • Capture images of the malfunction.

  • Minimize manual input and keystrokes.

  • Cut repair times through Kiami's troubleshooting engine.

  • Empoweoperational teams with self-service capabilities.

  • Automatic notifications and SLA.

AI-based Troubleshooting

Kiami enables to create a troubleshooting knowledge base for your manufacturing equipment and facilitate seamless collaboration across teams and sites, use decision trees to aggregate expert insights, and harness AI to fetch diagnostics and repair recommendations from internet-based knowledge.


With Kiami's AI-powered troubleshooting, our clients have experienced a significant 30-70% reduction in average repair time, achieved savings in annual spare parts costs through optimized usage, along with a remarkable decrease in service calls of up to 40% thanks to its self-service features.



Unplanned Downtimes (breakdowns)


Parts Annual Costs


Support Calls


New workers' learning curve

Equipment Management

Manage all aspects of your factory equipment, including manufacturing, facility, QC, IT, and any other utilized machinery. Equipment can be seamlessly imported, exported, and integrated with external systems.

Parts Management

Efficiently handle your spare parts, tooling, and operational/maintenance materials. Establish sites, warehouses, and locations, and effortlessly record inventory transactions. Parts can be seamlessly imported, exported, and integrated with external systems for seamless operations with other ERP and MES systems.

Work Order Management

Set up routine tasks for all the equipment in your plant and automatically create and schedule work orders. Easily fine-tune your work plan using an intuitive workbench calendar, that highlights delayed orders.



Get essential insights on all aspects of your manufacturing maintenance, technical support, and operational processes, including:

  • The maintenance costs of any equipment in your factory, split by labor, parts, external sub-contractors and downtime.

  • How much time and resources does your workforce spend on different maintenance activities, and each equipment in your factory.

  • Pareto charts based on various parameters like equipment, failure, department, line, and other parameters, utilizing a diverse range of key performance indicators (KPIs) including MTTR, MTBF, MTTA, and many others.

  • Utilize trendlines for each equipment to identify signs of deterioration and weaknesses.

  • Diverse charts and key performance indicators (KPIs) for assessing service level agreement (SLA) compliance.


What clients say ?

"Kiami helped us to preserve years of technical experience and best practices and share them with the maintenance team. Kiami assisted the team in reducing downtimes and training new technicians more effectively."


Why adopt Kiami ?

Cut downtimes

by up to 70%

Reduce learning curves

and minimize losses due to skilled workers’ departure

Improve efficiency

reducing parts costs, rework, waste and delays

Empower operational stuff 

while reducing calls to

support by up to 50%


among teams and across

manufaturing sites

Shortened ramp-up

while introducing of new process or product

Does your company need Kiami ?

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