Make failure fixing easy and efficient with Kiami's AI-based Troubleshooting and Knowledge Management software

Kiami empowers your manufacturing teams to repair failures faster and effectively while reducing downtimes, waste and costs, and collaborating experience and best practices across teams and sites.

Smart AI-based Troubleshooting and
Knowledge Management Benefits

Tech Watch

Cut-down failures repair time and downtimes

in some cases from hours

to minutes

Successful Manager

Reduce new workers’ learning curve

and minimize losses due to experts’ departure

Laser Cutting

Improve manufacturing efficiency and quality

while reducing parts costs, rework, waste and delays

Carpenter Sawing

Empower your operation teams to repair failures 

while reducing calls to support by up to 50%

Team Meeting

Collaborate experience and best practices

across teams and sites

Professional Growth

Shortened ramp-up and lower risks

while introducing of new processes or products

Does your company need a smart knowledge management software for efficient troubleshooting?

How it Works ?

Man Using Smart Tablet

The cloud-based system can be accessed from anywhere

using tablet, mobile device

or laptop

Career Cards

Technical documentation

can be opened in one click

including diagrams, images, videos, manuals, and SOPs.


The system scans

the knowledge base

and generates diagnostics

and repair recommendations


Expert wizard for a quick fix
of complex failures

simplifying diagnosis and

experts guidelines


Automatic optimization

by a learning algorithm

to minimize repair time

and parts costs


Effective process control and predictive maintenance 

detects process deteriorations, weaknesses and other anomalies

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Management
In-cooperate Smart Knowledge Management and top-class CMMS/ EAM Maintenance Management module within a sharp, intuitive user interface  
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FASTtroubleshoot troubleshooting software
QMSexpert quaity management software

 Troubleshooting and Quality Management
In-cooperate Smart Knowledge Management and top-class Quality Management (QMS) module within a sharp, intuitive user interface  
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KIAMI provides highly effective industrial troubleshooting, knowledge management, maintenance management and quality management cloud-based software.

Our experience and accomplishments include:​

  • Development of a revolutionary failure diagnosis system (see Patent WO/2005/013016)

  • Cross-organization manufacturing software projects, focusing on process improvement

  • Comprehensive experience in applying best-practice manufacturing and statistics methods such as SPC, DOE and Six-sigma along with cutting-edge diagnostics expert systems and AI


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