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How failures troubleshooting software can boost pharmaceutical companies operation?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Pharmaceutical manufacturing includes a wide range of machineries such as blenders, mixers, and other equipment. System malfunctions and failure-related costs can be tremendous. KIAMI's FASTtroubleshoot is a top-class failures troubleshooting software that helps to provide fast, high-quality resolution, cutting down repair time and reducing manufacturing costs.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is divided into two major stages: the production of the active ingredient or drug (primary processing) and secondary processing, the conversion of the active drugs into the final products suitable for administration. The process of drug manufacturing can be broken down into a series of unit operations, such as milling, granulation, coating, tablet pressing, and others, under which the starting materials change their physical characteristics before the final dosage form is produced. Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment includes a wide range of machinery such as blenders, mixers, granulators, coaters, tablet press, tablets filling, capsule filling, liquid filling, tube filling, labeling, printing, blister packaging, laboratory & quality control equipment, and many more. Equipment and system malfunctions and failures can cause a huge waste of money. In such cases, it is essential to provide fast, high-quality resolution.

How can FASTtroubleshoot help?

The biggest impact of FASTtroubleshoot is on the ongoing operation of these manufacturing processes. When a user from engineering, maintenance, IT, or operation handles system malfunction or failure, FASTtroubleshoot provides all the necessary information to enable fast, high-quality resolution. The user can drill down to the relevant malfunctioned process/ sub-process step and go over possible failure reasons, based on failure characteristics, symptoms, and error messages. He can run documented test procedures until the root cause is detected or can use documented repair procedures to provide effective best-practice treatment and run the expert wizard to review detailed expert guidelines.

The user interface was optimized for tablets and mobile devices, using touch screen navigation, at the manufacturing floor. The system provides the following benefits:

  • Cuts-down failures repair time. In some complex failures from few hours to few minutes downtimes.

  • Improved manufacturing processes' quality, reduced material waste due to long downtimes or returning failures, reduced manufacturing delays, and increased throughput/ utilization.

  • It enables operational teams to resolve by themselves a wider range of failures, which previously have been resolved by maintenance, engineering, or IT. It is extremely useful when support team members are not available or not on shift, allowing a quick and convenient method to resolve the issue.

  • It enables to preserve organization accumulated knowledge and spread best-practice diagnostics and repair procedures inside teams, between teams, and between sites.

  • It enables to shorten new workers' learning curve and improve the professionalism of all.

  • It enables to shorten ramp-up and lower risk while introducing a new process, equipment, information system, or product.

Manufacturing teams that can gain a lot of benefits from this system:

  • Manufacturing line operators

  • Equipment maintenance and engineering

  • Laboratory tooling maintenance

  • Process Engineers

  • Quality engineers

  • IT MES, WMS, and IT infrastructure support

FASTtroubleshoot stimulates knowledge sharing within support team members, and between the different support and operation teams across the company while pushing to operational excellence.

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