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Does your company need a smart knowledge management software for efficient troubleshooting?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

If you are working in a manufacturing company, the simple answer is yes, definitely yes, but yet there are several criteria that can help you to evaluate how much a knowledge management solution can contribute to your company, and what are the potential benefits from such implementation.

Please review the following questions and select the ones that usually reflect your experience.

· Are your manufacturing breakdowns due to process or equipment failures expensive?

·Does your failures’ repair process usually involve a lot of trial and error and rarely reuse previous workers’ experience on similar failures?

· Can you correlate long downtimes or inefficient failure resolution with expensive materials waste, manufacturing delays, poor quality of service?

· Do you face a big repair time variance among your support teams while repairing the same failure?

· Do you feel that your manufacturing support teams many times “reinvent the wheel” while trying to repair failures?

· Are there a lot of calls from your manufacturing operators to your support teams, to resolve failures that can be easily repaired by the operational teams, if they had the right guidelines in place (due to operational or setup errors, simple maintenance problems and the like)?

· Is there a lack of methodical approach to an effective troubleshooting knowledge sharing and best practices, spreading inside your teams and across the teams?

· Do you feel that an effective knowledge sharing of troubleshooting experience and best-practices between your manufacturing sites can boost your teams’ professionalism?

· Is your spare-parts usage while repairing equipment breakdowns expensive?

· Does your support teams’ repair process optimize spare-parts consumption?

· Is there a long learning curve to become an effective support worker (months to years)?

· Do you suffer from a severe knowledge loss due to experienced workers' departure?

If you that more than 3 bullets well describe your operation, your company clearly needs a smart knowledge management solution for efficient troubleshooting.

KIAMI provides smart AI-based knowledge management for efficient industrial troubleshooting, maintenance management, and quality management software.

Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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Apr 02, 2020

Please send the details for Exclusive Dealership for Kolhapur & Surrounding Area.


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