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Automated manufacturing environments hold a huge opportunity for process improvement and cost reduction. QMSexpert cloud-based Quality Management suite aims to provide just that. By combining quality best-practices such as six-sigma and lean manufacturing with Smart Troubleshooting component, the system provides:

QMSexpert - advanced Quality Management cloud-based software

  • Faster and better detection of equipment failuresbefore severe damage and waste take place

  • Highlights products' design weaknesses and opportunities for process improvements

  • Cuts-down defected products analyze, repair and rework time by 20-60%

  • Identifies process problems due to defected materials, non-robust processes or human errors

  • Improves quality gates' test coverage, reduces false alarms and escaping defects and improves their cost-effectiveness

QMSexpert quality management software
QMSexpert quality management software

QMSexpert offers a great cost-effective Quality Management software solution for manufacturing organizations. It incorporates quality best practices with smart troubleshooting, packed in a clear and intuitive user interface.  

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You pay only on the functionalities you use


QMSexpert suite fits any company size, from a small manufacturer to an enterprise-wide manufacturer. The standard package offers the main quality management functionalities. You can report on quality failures, process failures, and repair actions. Key performance and quality measures can reveal products design and assembly weaknesses, process problems and equipment failures. On-top of that QMSexpert offers:

  • Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)

  • Complaints management

  • New product introduction (NPI)

  • Statistical process control (SPC, Cp/ CpK). 

  • Equipment calibration (Gage R&R)

  • Automatic test equipment (ATE) monitoring

  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI) monitoring

  • Equipment monitoring system

QMSexpert will get the maximum insight from your quality data, a major step towards process improvement and operational excellence

What makes QMSexpert a powerful quality suite?


QMSexpert associates quality results that are obtained from automatic test equipment (ATE), inspection equipment (AOI), and users input with manufacturing equipment data, to get a full, closed-loop process control. Poor quality results are immediately correlated to the root cause, enabling a quick resolution.

An advanced diagnostics method reveals a wider range of equipment failures and pinpoints on the exact malfunctioned machine unit (see patent WO 2005013016).

Although various problems can be identified by the automated diagnostics processes, many failures require human intervention. Integrated with KIAMI's Smart Troubleshooting, quality users, line operators, equipment technicians, and process engineers can resolve much faster process problems, thus providing a higher repair quality.

With a clear and intuitive user interface, QMSexpert was designed to provide an excellent user experience, optimized for tablet and mobile devices.

QMSexpert full integraion with manufacturing equipment

"The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize."
Shigeo Shingo

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